Buy, Sell or Rent With the Top Real Estate Agents Pretoria

Looking for the top real estate agents in Pretoria to help you buy, sell or rent a home? Pretoria has experienced prolific property development over the past few years. Once labelled as Johannesburg’s sleepy neighbour, modern townhouses and luxury homes in Pretoria are proving popular among buyers. Why? Because of their affordability, upmarket, convenient and safe location close to main traffic routes, hospitals, schools, universities and attractions. It’s thus understandable why real estate in Pretoria has fast become a popular buying trend.

Buying and selling a home in Pretoria is exciting, but can also be a time of extreme anxiety and dread. We at Ladies in Property Services know of many individuals who have attempted to buy or sell their homes as a do-it-yourself project. Although there are advantages to such a move, the disadvantages can be disastrous in the legal and financial aspects for the buyer or seller. Bear in mind that real estate transactions are complicated and complex, there are a myriad of laws, rules and regulations governing these economic exchanges that must be followed in the correct manner.

So what do you do to avoid complications arising from improper, incomplete and inefficient buying and selling of a new house? There is only one thing to do…hire the services of experienced and professional real estate agents in Pretoria, hire Ladies in Property Services.

How Can Our Real Estate Agents in Pretoria Assist You?

Selling a home can be just as challenging as buying or renting a home, especially if you are a first time buyer and seller. Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Pretoria for the first time or thinking about buying or renting a second property in Pretoria, your transaction can be made so much easier if you use the services of real estate agents in Pretoria, and we are the real estate agents who can help you!

We make it our business to provide every service connected with your search, purchase or sale of a home, from expert advice in the early stages, to careful monitoring of your settlement. Our aim is to improve your buying or selling experience by giving you an understanding of all the options available to you. We are the only real estate agents in Pretoria that work on a flat fee guaranteed to suite your budget.

Our Services to Sellers

At Ladies in Property Services, we offer the services of no commission real estate agents for home owners looking to sell their homes without paying substantial agency commissions, making it possible for you to benefit from our professional services at an affordable price. As reputable real estate agents in Pretoria, Ladies in Property Services specialise in helping buyers, sellers and renters find exactly what they are looking for, especially in today’s recession. Our basic service, which covers you for six months, is available at ONLY R500-00. This service package will include the listing of your property on our site as well as other websites; we will offer valuation and pricing assistance, provide a FOR SALE board for your property as well as provide you with a call-answering service.

We also offer a full service package that is available at only R1500-00 and includes all the basic services above as well as appointment bookings, buyers pre-qualification, on show boards, a photographer to capture incredible photos of your property for all the websites to list your property, we will also do all the social media marketing and the transferring attorney connection.

Our Services to Buyers

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Pretoria, browse through our website and view our Pretoria listings to find what you are looking for. We have a wide range of properties available in Pretoria, Vereeniging and in and around Gauteng, from small to large homes and plots, to flats, simplexes and security complex units. At Ladies in Property Services, we have the property you need! Additionally, you can sign up for SMS alerts and receive a notification as soon as a property becomes available that fits in with your desires. This is one of the many benefits that we offer our clients.

So don’t delay and contact Ladies in Property Services today! We will help you to purchase the property of your dreams or get your property listed and sold promptly. Our professional and well-informed team of real estate agents in Pretoria work with you to provide you with a commission free and cost-effective, efficient service. Browse our website for more information on our services and get ready to buy, sell or rent with the top real estate agents in Pretoria today.