How Ladies in Property Services will Smoothen Your Purchase of Property for Sale in Gauteng

Through a commitment to excellence and passion for innovation, Ladies in Property Services has devised a service offering that provide our clients with the property services they need. For many years we have been leading the property industry in excellence and continue to set the bar for the industry.

We asked our clients what services they need, and we listened. Now, Ladies in Property offers our clients the services they are after, at the most competitive rates. There is now no more need to pay up to 8% or 10% commission on the purchase price of the property when you partner with us for property for sale in Gauteng. Instead, for a flat fee, you can choose the services you need and pay accordingly. No ambiguous flat commission rate that you don’t understand where it goes to or what it covers.

Helping to Originate Your Bond

If you would like to purchase a property for sale in Gauteng, but are in need of a home loan, Ladies in Property can provide you with the service you need. We work with highly qualified bond originators who will be able to assist you with all your home loan needs.

Our bond originators will do all the paperwork as well as negotiate a better interest rate, hassle-free and at absolutely no additional cost to you! This is just one of the many ways in which we always work hard to go the extra mile in providing our clients with only the best property services available on the market.

We also make available expert property management services to help our investor clients enjoy the best returns on their investment. When you list your property with us, we will work hard to offer you the following expert services, and more:

  • Find suitably qualified tenants for your property.
  • Collect monthly rent on time.
  • Respond timeously to maintenance issues.
  • Advertise your property.
  • Do comprehensive credit and background checks on any prospective tenants.

We have many residential properties on our books, as well as vacant stands and smallholdings. Our team of dedicated property experts will work with you to help you find the best property for sale in Gauteng that will address all your needs. The team behind Ladies in Property Services continue to work hard to lead our industry in excellence and innovation and will answer all your questions to provide you with the peace of mind you need.

How Much Will You Pay for Your Bond?

We have made available various calculators on our website that provides our clients with a ballpark figure of what you can expect to pay for your bond. Our income and bond calculators are at hand to help you determine how much you need to earn to qualify for a bond from any of South Africa’s major lenders, as well as a bond status calculator and increased instalment calculator, among others.

It is just another way that we work hard to always go the extra mile and provide our clients with the best services they have come to expect from a leading property group in South Africa. We are proud of our many accomplishments and of the long history of service Ladies in Property has been fortunate enough to achieve.

Our commitment to offering the best property services available on the market continues to drive our passion for the property industry and for offering value-adding services to our clients. We will work with you to help you find and purchase the right property for sale in Gauteng. Our team will see through the transaction from start to finish and guide it through each of the registration stages until the property is successfully transferred to your name.

If you are looking to sell your Gauteng property, then don’t hesitate to list it with Ladies in Property Services. We have a host of qualified and serious buyers looking for property for sale in Gauteng. For quality and expert property services, contact Ladies in Property Services to learn more about our value-adding services and to find out how we can be of benefit to you. One of our friendly ladies is standing by to help you find, or sell, a property.