List My Property – 5 Tips for Hiring a Reputable Estate Agent

Need help selling your home? Sitting with the question of how to ‘list my property’? Selling a home can be exciting, however, if you get into the details, it can be really nerve racking too.  Hiring a reputable estate agent to list your property could end up being the distinction of you selling your home within a week for double the asking price, as opposed to your house not selling after 3 months and having to lessen your asking price.

When you select a real estate agent, you’re performing a rigorous job interview for a prized position. You’re choosing a stranger for an incredibly important task – one that requires trust, expertise, and adaptability. The biggest billboards or the loudest ads don’t always translate to the best person for the job, so your expectations should be demanding; after all you’re selling one of your biggest assets.

But back to the big question of ‘how to list my property’ with a reputable real estate agent who can offer you the best quality service? In a place like Gauteng, tons of realtors are roaming around, so as a seller, you have to be careful and make sure that the one you’ll hire to list your property is reputable, reliable and above all trustworthy. Here are some tips which should prove useful when hiring an estate agent to list your property.

Check Their References

The real estate market today is flooded with agents who promise the skies, but not many are able to deliver what they promise. Make sure that the real estate agent has enough experience and knowledge about the market trends. Does the agent you’re considering appear interested in your property, or is it just another one in a line of many they’re hoping to nab as a listing? Using popular, successful agents can be great. They’re obviously pleasing lots of people. But if they’re serving too many clients their attention might be split and you might not get the focus you want or need.

Many agents have on hand a list of previous customer references you can call or send an email to discuss work experience between them. Ask agents to provide a list of what they’ve listed and sold in the last year, with contact information. Before you start calling the names, ask the agent if anyone will be particularly pleased or particularly disappointed?  When researching, get a sense of how you fit into the agent’s big picture and whether you’re likely to fade into the background once you sign on the dotted line.

Ask Tough Questions

You want an agent who is “intimately and passionately” familiar with your neighbourhood, but the agent with a lot of signs in your neighbourhood may not be your best choice, either. If a prospective agent has little constructive input about price and condition for you, be curious: Do they want to help you sell your house or do they just want to put a sign in your yard to bring in buyers? The goal isn’t to give a potential agent the third degree, buts to ensure that the particular agent is a good fit for your needs and that he or she understands the local real estate market, something important for both sellers and buyers. Here are some suggested questions for them:

  • How many property sales were you involved with last year?
  • How many properties do you currently have listed?
  • How many prospective buyers approach you?
  • What do you think our property is worth in the current market and how did you arrive at that figure?
  • Which marketing strategy do you suggest is the best one to pursue to list my property?

About Ladies in Property Service

When it comes to listing your property, we at Ladies in Property Service are your perfect partner upon whom you can leave all your problems and stresses regarding the sale. We specialise in the selling and buying of property throughout Gauteng and Vaal area, and furthermore, we will sell your property without paying agents commission. That’s right….at Ladies in Property Services, the days of paying up to 8% commission to sell your property are over! For a flat fee, you can choose the services you need! Our basic service package includes the following:

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Together with these small tips, you ought to have the capacity to discover the correct real estate agent to ‘list my property’. Make sure the estate agent you pick is well informed, understands the industry, is licensed, and has the pulse of the marketplace on their fingertip. Don’t delay and contact Ladies in Property Services today. We will help you to get your property listed and sold in no time, as our professional and well informed team work with you to provide you with a commission free and cost-effective, efficient service.