Looking for Estate Agents Who Charge No Commission to List Your Property?

One of the first things property owners ask any prospective estate agent before signing over the mandate to their properties, is how much commission they will have to pay when their property is sold. It has been a bone of contention in many real estate deals throughout the years, and finally there is a solution for it. At Ladies in Property Services, the days of paying as much as 19% commission to list your property is finally over as we require no commission fees!

Our property professionals will take care of every aspect of selling your property. For a flat fee, you can choose the services you want and we can tailor the package according to your needs. There is no need to pay a flat commission rate of your property’s value to have your transaction completed. At Ladies in Property Services we are revolutionising the property industry and giving the power back to property owners to get the most value out of their investments. So if you are looking for estate agents, who charge no commission fees, to list your property, then you have found the right property firm.

Property Management Services from Ladies in Property Services

Aside from listing your property and requiring no commission, we also offer many other great value-adding services to help you manage your investment. If you want to put your property in the rentals market, you are welcome to list it with Ladies in Property Services and we will find you a suitable, qualifying tenant.

Our property management services also include:

  • Collecting all rent monies on time, every month;
  • Responding to and addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner;
  • Advertising all your property listings; and
  • Doing relevant background and credit checks on all prospective tenants.

This is just some of the many services that you can expect from Ladies in Property Services. We also help prospective buyers in need of finance to secure a bond. We work with extensively qualified bond originators that will help you with all your home loan needs. These industry professionals will do all the paperwork and negotiate a better rate for you with the financial institution. Their services are designed to offer you a hassle-free service at absolutely no cost to you.

Why Does It Pay to Work With a Professional Estate Agency?

There are truly so many reasons why it makes sense to partner with a professional and licensed estate agency. At Ladies in Property Services we will list your property with no commission payable to us. Here are a few other reasons why it makes sense to partner with us to expose your property to as many prospective and quality buyers as possible:

  • Get your property out there in the market: As an experienced and professional estate agency, we have an established infrastructure that we turn to in order to quickly advertise our clients’ properties. Our established advertising channels and our extended network will quickly put your property in the sights of qualified and prospective buyers who are looking for what you are selling.
  • All the paperwork seen to: The property sector’s laws are constantly changing. For any layman it will be a struggle to keep up to date with all the new regulations. At Ladies in Property Services we make it our business to stay up to date with all the new laws and see to it that all contracts and paperwork are properly seen to and that all the requirements are met.
  • Guide the transaction through to the end: We will guide your transaction through to the very end. Our team will anticipate any potential delays and do everything in our power to make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

These are only a few of the many reasons why partnering with Ladies in Property Services will help you to sell your home quickly and affordably. If you are looking for a free valuation of your property to get a market related valuation and know what you are dealing with, then we can help you with that too. Our property professionals will provide you with a thorough, comprehensive and accurate valuation of your property so that you can know what to expect in these market conditions.

Contact Ladies in Property Services to learn how our no-commission estate agents can list your property today.