Are You Looking to Sell Your Property in Gauteng?

We all know from experience that selling a home can be one of the most stressful financial transactions ever, from making the decision to sell to getting it ready, fixing it up and waiting for a buyer. Then there is the process of dealing with offers before finally advancing to the closing table. This may all sound pretty clear-cut, but can actually have a huge impact on stress and anxiety levels. But it doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Always remember that you are not alone and that experienced, professional real estate agents such as Ladies in Property Services is here to guide you through every step of the process, help resolve any problems and concerns that arise, and ensure that your property sells for the right price quickly and smoothly. We know how stressful these transactions can be and at Ladies in Property Services we offer you a few pointers to keep in mind when looking to sell your property in Gauteng.

Location, Location and Location

Location is a defining factor when buying any property. It must be remembered that there are positive and negatives to almost every location. People who don’t live in Gauteng may have misconceptions about this ‘Place of Gold’. Some see it as a dangerous city where crime is high in every suburb; others see it as an upmarket city comprised of big, expensive homes and celebrities, lavish cars and exclusive designer boutiques and the best schools in the country. When you sell property in Gauteng, you need an estate agent who can market your suburb as well as your home. A good estate agent will be someone who is able to sell the entire package to a buyer. Keep in mind that no matter which suburb your property is located, there is a ready, willing, and able buyer in the marketplace.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Like choosing any service professional in life, a lawyer, a plumber, even a general practitioner, it’s important to do your homework on them before hiring their services. Selling your property in Gauteng represents one of the most significant financial transactions of your life, and you most definitely want to find the best real estate agent to sell it for you. Remember not all real estate agents are the same and they all take different approaches when marketing a property, from placing small ads in newspapers to advertising on various platforms on the internet.

Be sure to choose a real estate agent that is available 24/7 and with whom you get along with, because you will be dealing with the real estate agent on a daily basis. Make sure your real estate agent of choice is organised, hard-working, reliable and professional and your entire experience will be a positive and happy one.

Pricing Your Property

When wanting to sell property in Gauteng, you first need to determine a price. Determining a price involves careful analysis of the property. To figure out what your property in Gauteng is really worth, you need ask yourself what homebuyers may actually be willing to pay. Evaluate the current economic and property market conditions as this will have a big impact on the price you get for your property. Remember that if your property is overpriced, chances are your property won’t sell for months or even years and if it’s under-priced you will live with the regret of selling it too cheaply. It’s you, the seller who set the price; the buyer sets the value! Other factors to consider when determining the price of your property are the estate agents commission!

At Ladies in Property Services, the days of paying up to 8% commission to sell your property in Gauteng are over! We help you take care of the most important things that sell your property. With us we will sell your property without an agent commission. We are the only real estate agents that sell property in Gauteng that work on a flat fee guaranteed to suite your budget. Sound too good to be true!

Take a look at our basic service which covers you for six months and is available at only R500-00.

  • Listing your property on our site
  • Providing a For Sale board
  • Providing additional exposure on other websites
  • Providing you with a call-answering service
  • Offering valuation and pricing assistance

Our full service package is available at only R1500-00 and includes all the basic services above as well as the following additional services:

  • Appointment booking
  • Buyer pre-qualification
  • On Show boards
  • Photographer
  • Social media marketing
  • Transferring attorney connection

We can help you take care of the most important factors that sell property in Gauteng. We will market your property and suburb, and we will assist you with the pricing of your property at the right market conditions. Our estate agents will guide you through the process, resolve any issues that come up, and ensure that your home sells for the optimal price in a timely manner. At Ladies in Property Services, you will be in good capable hands every step of the way.