In Need of No-Commission Real Estate Agents in Johannesburg?

If you are looking for a hardworking team of professional real estate agents in Johannesburg that will go the extra mile to market and sell your property, then look no further than Ladies in Property Services. We are a team of passionate no-commission real estate agents who will help you sell your property and take care of all legal aspects of the sale.

The days of paying as much as 8% to 10% of your property’s value in commission is forever gone. For a flat fee we will provide you with only the services you need to help guide your property sale through to registration. If you need a home loan to help clinch the deal on your dream property, we can put you into contact with qualified and experienced bond originators who will help you with all your home loan needs.

The bond originators take care of all the paperwork and will also negotiate a far better interest rate with the financial institution. This entire process is of no cost or hassle to you. This is just one of the many ways in which we pre-empt your needs and provide you with an industry leading solution.

Contact Ladies in Property Services for a Free Valuation of Your Property

If you are unsure about the market value of your property, or you just want to value your investment for your portfolio or insurance purposes, Ladies in Property Services will provide you with a free valuation. As you can see, we always go the extra mile to offer our clients tangible value. Our team of real estate agents, in Johannesburg, is passionate about providing only the best services available in the industry, as well as restoring confidence in our industry.

If you are in need of property management, our experienced real estate agents will manage your property and place it on the rentals market. When you list your property with Ladies in Property Services, we will:

  • Advertise your property to prospective and qualified tenants;
  • Collect rent money on time;
  • Verify, vet and credit check, as well as background check all prospective tenants; and
  • Keep up with preventative maintenance and address any maintenance issues with the property.

The real estate industry can be a dangerous and scary arena for anyone to enter into who is not experienced in all the pitfalls to avoid. This is why you need the guidance and expertise of an experienced team of property professionals, who will guide you through all the legal minefields that this sector throws your way.

Ladies in Property Services has developed a comprehensive and industry leading service offering to all your property needs. Now that you can choose your own bouquet of services, you can budget accordingly and know what you will need to spend. We remove all ambiguity out of the industry and help you to plan accordingly.

Contact Ladies in Property Services to learn more about our team of no-commission real estate agents in Johannesburg and to find out how we can benefit you.