Why You Still Need a Real Estate Agent in Johannesburg

In tough times, most people look for ways to cut down on costs anyway they can. When it comes to buying a home, who would not want to save money on avoiding certain pitfalls and getting their transactions registered as fast as possible? While it is true that anyone can shop for a house, and even get a peek inside some properties without speaking to a real estate agent, it is also true that unless you are ready to make home shopping a part time job, you will still need a real estate agent when looking for property in Johannesburg.

Working with a professional real estate agent with many properties on the books and an extended network of industry contacts will help you find your dream property much faster. Say you may be looking for a property with a swimming pool, or you do not want a swimming pool at all. Or perhaps you are looking for a property with a big yard for your dogs, or a home with a built in fireplace. If you are in the market for something specific then a real estate agent is the person who can make it happen for you.

It is their job to find you the property that ticks all your boxes. They will work with you every step of the way to learn your likes and dislikes, and help you set realistic expectations based on your budget. If you, as an outsider to the industry, had to fend for yourself and wade through all the possibilities available on the market, your home buying expedition would quickly turn into a big schlep.

Trust the Pricing Experts to Get You a Great Deal

A professional real estate agent in will have a pretty accurate estimation of the price of the property the minute they walk through the door. A seasoned professional with a lot of experience in the market and area will also know how well a neighbourhood holds its value. While just about anyone can spend a few minutes online pulling up information on comparable property sales in the area, a professional estate agent has the experience to know whether a specific property is underpriced or overpriced.

In a best-case scenario, your estate agent will have such a clear idea of the properties you are interested in, that she will not even waste your time touring some of the available properties that will not work for you. Not only will your real estate agent be able to provide you with all the information on local home sales in the area that you will need, they will also bring their years of expertise to the table of guiding successful property deals through to registration.

Ladies in Property Services – Revolutionising the South African Real Estate Industry

At Ladies in Property Services we work hard to provide our clients with an innovative and exciting range of products and services. You will never need to fret about paying anywhere from 8% to 10% in commission for the sale or purchase of a property. We work with our clients to provide them with a tailored approach that is affordable and predictable.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, and we charge for them accordingly. This means that you will only pay for the actual services that you need and receive, and will not have to pay a blanket percentage of the property’s value to your real estate agent. By only paying for the services you need, you will receive far greater value for your money and know what services your money are paying for.

Some of the many services that our team of seasoned real estate agents in Johannesburg offer you include:

  • Bond originating for finance on your home at no cost to you;
  • Property management services;
  • Letting of your property; and
  • Listing of your property, and many others.

We are proud of our history of satisfied customers and continue to work hard to lead our industry forward. Through our dedicated commitment we are helping many consumers enter the property market in Johannesburg in an affordable and accessible manner. Contact Ladies in Property Services to learn more about our affordable property services and why we are the first choice for professional and experienced real estate agents in Johannesburg.